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Rich Layer Nylon Printed Carpet For Hotel Carpet For Sale

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Rich Layer Nylon Printed Carpet For Hotel Carpet For Sale
Wholesale custom chromojet printing carpet Huade printed carpet takes world's most advanced electronic printing technology, maximized meeting customers’ demand for personalized design with rich bright colors and layers. And because of the flexible production and timely delivery, the printed carpets are popular among all kinds of customers. It is applicable to the hotel conference room, restaurant, cafe, office, home and any other public places.

Product name: chromo jet printed carpe

1. Pile weight: 450g-1380g
2. Pile material: 100% nylon  yarn,
3. Gauge: 1/10",
4. Width: 4m,
5. Backing: action back,
6.Toughness,good abrasion resistance.Stain block and withstand common household spills and stains.
7.Rich sharp color to match the whole color style.
8.Excellent durability,resists abrasion and soiling.

And our  nylon printed carpet have some more special functions for different project requirements.

1.Wildely used in hotel such as lobby,corridor,hallways,entrance,delux room.
2.Widely used in official building such as commferience room,office,meeting room.
3.Widely used in delux villa and domestic flats.

Backing -woven PP